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Halong Bay which has been designated as a UNESCO world heritage site since 1994 is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The destination not only attracts tourists with its natural beauty but also exciting activities on wooden junk cruises.

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- Indochina Sails

- The Au Co

There are generally a wide of number of cruise junks divided into 3 categories. Private cruises include the Prince 2 Cruise, Princess Cruise, Lagoon Explorer, White Dolphin, Bhaya Legend 1. These cruises offer your own time, privacy and off the beaten itineraries. Superior cruises include Classic Sail Cruise, Bai Tu Long Junk, Phoenix Cruise, Oriental Sails Cruise. These are at very affordable prices for standard cruise itineraries. Deluxe cruises such as Calypso Cruiser, Red Dragon, Dragon Pearl, Glory Cruise offer more luxurious accommodation, a diverse range of activities, and different health services onboard. Luxury cruises such as Victory Star Cruise, Emeraude Classic, Ginger Cruise, Violet Cruise, Valentine Cruise provide the most luxurious cabins and services. Prices for these junks are also more expensive.  All you have to do on these cruises is to relax and enjoy the breeze of beautiful Halong bay and be pampered by the luxurious services offered by these Halong cruise lines. There are all the fun activities which guests can do on board luxurious cruises like fine dining, luxurious spa, exercising Tai chi, sunbathing on the top deck, or just simply spend the sweetest moments at your very private balcony.

The most prominent thing to do here at Ha Long Bay is to take the overnight junk. Although many new hotels are being built on the bigger islands, experienced visitors recommend newcomers to spend at least a night on board a boat. This way will help admire the bay closer up and in quite a special way.

And the next morning, wake up early amidst Halong Bay and practice a  on the sun deck at dawn, while the Natural Wonder around you is slowly waking up! It is really an ultimate experience you may always have dreamt of. Tai Chi is an outstanding gem of traditional Chinese culture that is valuable in promoting health, developing combat and self-defense skills, and improving concentration and overall well-being. By using gentle flowing movements, Tai Chi exercise is ideal for your body balance and rejuvenation, and a proven technique to reduce stress and enhance your psychological health.

Moreover, each cruise offers a large variety of activities to discover the beauty of Halong Bay but most interesting activity that guests should not miss is kayaking. In a kayak you can paddle through some of the many caves which lead to spectacular lagoons, paddle to a fishing village to experience this unique way of life and even buy some pearls cultivated in the local pearl farms. The flora and fauna of the bay is amazing and witnessing a beautiful Sea Hawk swooping down to grab dinner is a common sight. A night paddle, surreal and mysterious, will reveal the incredible phenomenon of phosphorescence present in the water, each paddle stroke leaving a trail of glitter.

Swimming and sunbathing in hidden lagoons or beaches is also wonderful experience. The white sandy beaches and calm water around the grottos make for a lovely swimming place. Waters are clear, and tourists can also see the coral reefs too. Especially, on famous Cat Ba Island there are a few well-known beaches to relax on, some with easily remembered names like Cat Co I, Cat Co II and Cat Co III. The stunning scenery of sheer mountain cliffs rising out of the bay makes an ideal backdrop to water-based activities.

In addition, the floating villages draw a lot of attention and are always one of the highlights of these each cruise. It is always a must-visit thing in any itinerary of each cruise on Halong Bay. Local people have been living in these floating houses for many generations as fishing is still the villagers' main income. Therefore, if you pass by them on your cruise, don’t be surprised if the boat's on-board chef stops to shop for fresh seafood from one. Especially, some offer reasonably priced home-stays to visitors here, too.

Another thing to do when traveling on board in Halong Bay is diving. The period from April to December is the best time for visitors to join “Halong Bay Scuba Diving”. At this time, the temperature of water is from 26-29 Celsius degrees. You can discover hidden beauty underwater with thousands of splendid coral such as sun mushroom coral, magnificent stag horn coral, leather coral, compact coral and fish like sergeant major fish, Clark’s anemone fish, etc in Halong Bay. With internationally- licensed, well- trained scuba divers and assistants, you will have unforgettable memories.

More especially, if you are interested in learning more about Vietnamese cuisine on board, Vietnamese cooking class on board will make you interested. There are some cruises on Halong Bay offers the cooking class such as Paradise Cruise, Halong Glory Cruise, Red Dragon, etc. Not only will you have many opportunities to taste Vietnamese dishes but you can also widen your knowledge of Vietnamese culture.Come and catch a cruise which is suitable to you and make wonderful experiences with us!



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