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It is not the best place of Vietnam, but it is the most stunning place on earth. Planning your Vietnam holiday should not be difficult, as one obvious destination is Halong Bay. Known as one of the world’s natural wonders, Halong Bay is the Asia’s most enchanting destination, defined by a myriad of limestone island formations rising out of the emerald waters.

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Ha Long is not only home to great biodiversity with typical eco-systems like mangrove forest, coral and tropical forest but also home to thousands of plants and animals of numerous species including shrimp, fish and squid. Some species are particularly rare and can be found nowhere else.

Thanks to special values, Ha Long Bay was officially placed on the list of the World Natural Heritage at the 18th Session of UNESCO’s Council of World Heritage held on 17 December 1994 in Thailand. In 2000, UNESCO recognized it as the World Heritage for the second time for its geographical and geomorphologic values. This confirms the global premier value of Ha Long Bay.

The beauty of Ha Long Bay does not include only in the forms of its mountains, islands, the color of its waters and clouds, but also in its infinitely rich system of grottoes and caves; concentrated mostly in the middle of the heritage. Thien Cung (Heavenly Palace Grotto) bears a modern and refined trait, while Dau Go (Driftwood Grotto) is ample and grandiose and Sung Sot (Surprise Grotto) appears deeply secretive.

In Ha Long bay, it seemed that every islands, caves and beaches closely linked with the legend and popular tale of love, of the heroic song for safeguarding country such as: Trinh Nu (Virgin Grotto) and Trong Grottoes (Male Grottoes) and the Fairy Grotto Lake (Ðong Tien Lake). Each is a grandiose and refined natural architectural creation.

Moreover, Halong Bay has many links to the history of Vietnam. For example, there are such well-known geographical sites as Van Don (site of an ancient commercial port), Poem Mountain (with engravings of many poems about emperors and other famous historical figures), and Bach Dang River (the location of two fierce naval battles fought against foreign aggressors). As well as, scientists have proven that Halong was one of the first cradles of human existence in the area at archeological sites as Dong Mang, Xich Tho, Soi Nhu, and Thoi Gieng.

The best way to see and discover Halong bay beauty is boarding a junk boat and cruising around among stunning rocky islands. The boat cruise ranges from 1, 2 or 3 days and maybe more depending on the travelers request. You can take part in the group tours and cruises if you don’t mind traveling with others in a set program and want to save money. Or if you are looking for flexible itineraries or privacy on your cruise, you can choose an independent trip, or hire your own private junk boats such as Prince 2 Cruise, Princess Cruise, Lagoon Explorer, White Dolphin, Bhaya Legend 1. These have been the best private cruise junks offered to customers so far. The price depends on basic boat or luxurious junk with deluxe room in which you can spend your silent night on the bay.

Not yet convinced? Here are Reasons to Consider a Halong Bay Cruise.

Whoever you are, wherever you come from, and however old you are, you will certainly experience the same emotion and feeling when watching this wonder of stone and water. And wonderful experiences will always remain even when you leave the breathtaking place.



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