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Booking travel services can be handy and cheaper if you know the destinations well enough, or if you want a customized Vietnam trip. Save your time, efforts and money by using our high quality travel services for cheap Sapa train tickets, discount airfares, top car rentals and on-arrival Vietnam visas.


Car rental can be for various purposes including: airport transfer or pick up, doing a day trip out of Hanoi, visiting a friend in his home town, doing a business trip to a factory in nearby provinces, visiting your partners in Hanoi, having a discussion with universities, etc. In these situations, you will need a car and an experienced driver to support you with travel to make sure you get to the destination on time and hassle free. On the other hand, you don’t need a costly tour that provides extra things you don’t want while you are in Hanoi. 

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Our new fleet for 2013

-          3 luxurious 4 seat cars for business trips: BMW, Mercedes, and Toyota Camry


-          2 standard 7 seat cars for private group day trips: Toyota Innova.

-          2 brand new 16 seat vans for small group excursions: Ford Transit and Mercedes Benz

Packaged services

-          A car which meets all of your specific requirements

-          24/7 customer support at 098 362 9088

-          All bridge tolls, parking fees, taxes, surcharges, fuels and repairs. 

-          An experienced, helpful, English speaking driver to accompany you unless you want to drive in crazy streets of Vietnam.

-          Car and passenger insurance

-          Feeding and housing the driver on trips out of town.

-          Free support to liaison on your behalf with your partners, local authorities, universities or companies.

-          Free travel advice to make your Vietnam visit as memorable as possible

Combining with a Vietnam trip?

For frequent visitors or expat families, booking a tour is a bit more costly than organizing one by yourself. Just rent a good car with a driver, and off you go to sightseeing places outside the cities. All you have to do is to get relaxed on the road, buy some entrance tickets, and prepare your lunches.

For longer customized trips, lets our experienced travel consultants customize a trip for you. At times, you will be accompanied by a group of friends, family members, or business partners. Then you need some professional travel consultants to take care of details (what to see, how to get there, what to treat your group, local customs to follow, travel insurance, etc).

Finding a hotel and negotiating for a hotel discount can be difficult for independent travelers. Combining car rental and discount hotel booking will solve an unnecessary headache.

What is one day rental?

One day rental is from 7AM until 19PM of the same day. However you will not need to pay extra working hours to the driver! We will do it, not you.

Frequently asked questions

Do you rent a car without a driver?

Yes we rent a car without its driver to expats in Vietnam only. Travelers who want a car without a driver should take horrific traffic in Vietnam into consideration. It is best to get a car and a driver for a smooth and relaxing trip.

What is the minimum number of kilometers for one day?

It is 100 kilometers per day. If you travel only 150 kilometers for two days, you will be charged for 200 kilometers.

How are rates calculated?

Rates can be calculated based on the total number of kilometers the car run multiplying with 0.5 dollar per kilometer. For example, you rented a car for one day, which run 120 kms. The rate is:  120 kms x $0.5 = $60. This rate calculation is good if you know the distance between various places you need to visit. Another cheaper rate is for special circumstances only.

Rates can be calculated based on the estimated lump sum of kilometers the car run. If you don’t know the distance between various places you need to visit, we can help you with that and will give you the lump sum quote.

What are cancellation policies?

-          2 days before the use of the car: full reimbursement 

-          1 day before the use of the car: a fee of $25 will be applied.


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