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In the increasingly urbanized lifestyle all over the country, Hoi An has brought something special to the residents and visitors: promoting a day of no traffic fume.  The Event was held by Hoi An City People's Committee in collaboration with the Center for Action for the Urban Development, to contribute towards turning Hoi An into the city of Culture, Tourism and Environment. 

Not only famous as a city of cultural heritage, Hoi An is also known as a typical city of Vietnam with the successful organization of the pedestrian street for the past 10 years and a campaign to remove plastic bags for 3 years. Therefore, Hoi An was chosen as the first city in Vietnam to organize the day of no traffic fume. To be able to organize such a special meaningful activity, the Center for Action for Urban Development, with a mission to improve the quality of life of the people in the cities of Vietnam, contacted with international organization which organizes the event to list Hoi An as a participating city in the global campaign. 

From 7 am, a ceremony to launch smokeless day event was started. Parade took place shortly after with the participation of about 300 people, including representatives of the City People's Committee, departments, associations and businesses. In particular, in the parade was the the participation of dozens of vehicle cabs, an environmentally-friendly type of vehicle in Hoi An which are popular to tourists.  Also on this day, Hoi An celebrates the third years it organized a propaganda for the public not to use plastic bags. Although local residents and business usually start around 9am, but today, from 7 am a lot of people brought plastic bags to specified points in order to exchange for reusable bags. This is an activity of great significance for the protection of the environment.

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Day of no traffic fume was launched for the first time in the city of La Ro-Sen of France in 1997. This was an opportunity for city leaders, organizations and people to promote the use of environment-friendly vehicles such as bicycles and electric vehicles. It urged people to choose public transport, or try new initiatives in order to reduce dependence on automobiles, motorcycles, and limit human impact on the natural environment while improving the quality of life for all communities. Since then, it has become the regular public awareness raising day in France. In 2000, it developed into the European-scale project. So far, the campaign is a central event in the "European Transport week" and has gradually spread all over the world with the participation of more than two thousand cities in 40 countries.


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