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Traffic in Vietnam is similar to other developing world you can imagine of including the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India, etc. There are hundreds of issues and problems around this topic: traffic jams, motorbikes, millions of people, unsafe cars and motorbikes, drink drive, and you name it. Do not expect to see your mode of traffic in Vietnam, like in developed countries.

Crossing the streets in Hanoi and Saigon may be the first scaring encounter for tourists. As it is different in his home country, you may see a tourist standing by the roadside for 5 minutes without knowing how to cross it. Note that drivers drive all the directions and you may find a situation in which you should never risk your life crossing a road in Vietnam.

It is an art crossing the road in Vietnam. Be smart and use your common sense by using different body signals so drivers know you are trying to cross the road. When crossing the road, don't try to avoid the cars, but walk slowly forward and let them avoid you. Step a little forward, a little more, and you will see motorcycle drivers to slow down a bit, or go to another way. Don’t be scare as they definitely don’t want to cause trouble for themselves. Make your pace and path predictable to other drivers. Remember that don't change your speed or direction suddenly. Finally, move forward until you get your destination.

All roads and streets are packed with human faces! You have to move and never to wait until these faces get away! That is the wrong choice, as streets are always full of people and traffic, even at night. Some curious photographers enjoy standing on a crossover bridge at rush hour and take beautiful photos of traffic means on the streets. Some intersections in main cities such as Hanoi city and Ho Chi Minh City have traffic lights controlled by police whereas most places are either non-functional or ignored.

Highways are also risky with an average of 30 deaths a day and some locals will not even venture on them if they are not in a big vehicle such as car or bus. Taking a bicycle or motorcycle on highways is an adventure for risk takers, not suitable for a family with children. Think over it if you want an adventure travel on highways to remote provinces. It is worth having freedom and self discovery. However identify your traffic risks and take good precautions.


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