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Vietnam is a coffee country! Its coffee exports ranks the second in the world in terms of quantities. Try not to miss a coffee around the corner of the Old Quarter in Hanoi, the CBD in Saigon or along the Perfume River in Hue. It is a very popular drink for all ages and classes. While the coffee itself is not expensive, the seating is very expensive. So you may say a coffee in a five star hotel is just as similar in quality as a coffee on the street. Coffee is usually served black or with sweetened condensed milk and ice. Most tourists will often buy a box of coffee home for friends and families.


Vietnam also exports a lot of tea to the world now. Vietnamese teas are produced in many areas of the North including Yen Bai, Phu Tho, Tuyen Quang, Thai Nguyen, etc. Tea drinking would accompany aristocratic activities such as composing poems, tending flowers, or simply chatting. In Hanoi, teenagers often gather together and drink tea with lemon and chem gio, a special term used by youngsters which means chatting and killing time.

Soft drinks

Coconut water, sugar cane juice, fruit drinks are very popular soft drinks in Vietnam. On the street, when the weather is hot, we will see distinctive metal carts with a crank-powered sugar cane stalk crushers that release the juice. Another thing is the fabulous sinh to, a selection of sliced fresh fruit in a big glass, combined with crushed ice, sweetened condensed milk and coconut milk. These drinks are very healthy but cheap, and enjoying a drink on the street is just a way to embrace local life.


Vietnam is also a beer country. The value of this industry is almost 2 billion USD, and most famous branches have been operating in the country for years. Almost every corner you will see Dutch beer (Heineken), Danish beer (Carlsberg), Singapore (Tiger), not to mention local beer producers.

Vietnam beer is however well known for its street and cheap beer called beer hoi. Don't miss enjoying this type of draught beer when coming to shops on street corners, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The most popular beer among the southern Vietnam is Saigon Do (Red Saigon). For the northern Vietnam is Bia Hanoi (Hanoi beer) whereas central Vietnam love Festival beer, Huda or 333.

Wine and liquor

Dalat is the center of the wine lands, and you can get good red and white wine for about US$4-5. It is very available in supermarkets, but it is very difficult to find in liquor shop or bars. You will find all kinds of imported wines from Australia, France, Chile or Italia. Their prices are not cheap at all. Vietnamese liquor or rice alcohol is just awesome. It is often served in tiny porcelain cups often with candied fruit or pickles. Some people often pour strong alcohol into bottles with snakes, bird, fruits etc.  

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