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Vietnam holidays have never looked so perfect for family Vietnam holiday travelers looking for private Vietnam holiday packages tours and travel services to key tourist attractions at affordable prices. We have used our experience and local insights to provide sample packages that your whole family will enjoy.

Your family can visit attractive destinations, relax in sensational beautiful beaches and at the same time, experience exciting activities designed to make you all come closer together. In addition to our private tailor-made holiday will give your family the freedom to create your dream vacation and build up lasting memories together in the most comfortable schedule.

Whether you have young children, teenagers, kids or planning a big reunion, our two-week holiday packages are specifically tailored to cater to your needs. Safe sightseeing to picturesque landscapes, or bike rides through the beautiful landscape, your holiday with Red Crane Travel will be complete with everything you need for a fun adventure.

Wellness Holiday Vietnam

A unique and private custom Wellness Holiday Vietnam is designed to bring about health spiritually, physically and mentally. The holiday takes you to luxurious resorts in the central Vietnam in which local healthy food and cuisine herbs are fresh; people are friendly and helpful and the beach and water activities are unspoiled.

Vietnam Private Family Tour

A Vietnam Private Family Tour for the family is all you need to treat your family members. This is a very exciting private holiday designed for families with children who want to explore key cultural attractions of Vietnam in a slow pace. The ultimate goal of the trip is to bring about a memorable time and a great experience.


Our Vietnam Holiday from Australia is a great combination of cultural experiences and relaxation. We will visit the highlights of the country from North to South. Adults and kids will stand a chance to discover the daily life of Vietnamese people across the Vietnam urban areas and rural provinces.

Vietnam Holiday

This tour is designed to provide a glance of Vietnam, her natural beauty and cultural sights. It slightly unfolds the excitement and beauty of Saigon, best communal houses of Hoi An, the French-colonial charm of Hanoi, the stunning Halong Bay and the colorful Sapa landscapes.

Red Crane Travel - Hanoi

This tour shows you the fascination of Vietnam, alluring you from the North to the South, not only with the historic, cultural monuments of famous cities but also with the tranquil scenery, the unique culture and the daily life of villages in the countryside.

Spectacular Vietnam Holiday

The 15 day holiday takes you to the spectacular attractions of Vietnam from the north to the south. It reveals the stunning beauty of Halong Bay, elegant Hanoi and poetic complex of Hue monuments. Elements are carefully designed and balanced to make you enjoy the best time in the country of legends.

Vietnam private custom tour 2

You will visit all the key highlights of the country, explore its traditions, cuisine and cultures, and experience the various lifestyles: from the rugged northern mountains to the intricate waterways of the Mekong Delta. A meaningful visit to an orphanage centre in Nha Trang makes something different besides discovery and relaxation.

Hoi An Bike

This Indochina family adventure is designed to suit both adults and children to explore the best attractions in Vietnam and Cambodia. It unfolds the charm and elegance of Hanoi and Hoi An and explores the magnificence of Halong Bay and Siem Reap. Both kids and parents will have time to review tragic past of Saigon and Phnom Penh.

Stunning Beauty of Vietnam and Cambodia

Our trip explores key highlights of Vietnam and Cambodia, allowing you to experience cultures and customs of the two countries. The journey visits 4 World Heritage sites, numerous historical places and cultural centres. You will also get relaxed at Halong bay onboard a luxurious cruise vessel and at Nha Trang beach.

Vietnam Discovery

The trip combines relaxation and exploration of cultural and historical values of Vietnam. This is an off the beaten path, taking you to explore the South of Vietnam before heading to the North, with highlights in Hanoi and Halong Bay. A journey to discover Hue Imperial City and Hoi An ancient town is next before boarding our plane to Saigon.