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Style : Culinary & Cooking
Duration : 1 day/ 0 night
Tour Route : Hoian

Pick you up from your hotel to come a meeting point at  the Red Bridge Restaurant & Cooking School. Enjoy Vietnamese coffee free and listen to the course information. After walking about 10 minutes to Tra Que Organic Village, travel through the market gardens where local people work on their fields by using the traditional methods of hundreds of years ago - no electrical machinery here. We will go to Hoi An’s colorful local market, always a hive of activity and discover the interesting sights, sounds and aromas of this busy market. We will have a chance to talk with local sellers and buy some of the ingredients to be used in our cooking lesson later. After boarding the Red Bridge boat for a relaxing cruise about 25 minutes along Thu Bon River to Cooking School, admire vivid river life and breathtaking scenery. Up on arrival, discover the cooking school’s herb and vegetable garden before changing uniform to begin how to cook some Hoi An and Vietnam’s famous dishes. The course lasts in about 2 hours, includes brief introductions, instruction and demonstration by the main chefs as well as your practical moment. We will have our lunch here, eating the delicious foods that were just cooked. After some relax, enjoy free use of our new 20 meters swimming pool. With the cool water and fresh air, it will be a wonderful ending for our cooking tour. Tour ends by a Hoian river cruise back Hoian town.



-       Exploring the hidden recipe of Vietnam cuisine

-       Tra Que Organic Village, talk with the local seller and buy some fresh ingredients for our cooking lesson.

-       Buying some seeds to plant back home for a Vietnamese veggie and herb garden.

-       Boarding the Red Bridge boat for a relaxing cruise along the Thu Bon River to admire vivid river life and breathtaking scenery.

-       Tasting the delicious foods that were just cooked by ourselves.

-       Having a great swim in the new 20 meters swimming pool  


8.00AM: Pick you up from your hotel for a meeting point at restaurant. Enjoy Vietnamese coffee free and listen to the course information.

9.00AM: Walking to Tra Que Organic Village to discover the local people’s lifestyle and custom. We will also go to Hoi An’s colorful local market to buy some of the ingredients to be used in our cooking lesson later

10.00AM: Board the Red Bridge boat for a relaxing cruise along Thu Bon River to come back to Red Bridge Cooking School, relax and change uniform to begin our lesson.

12.30PM: Have lunch with the delicious foods that were just cooked.

13.00PM: Free at leisure.

14.00PM: Relax and enjoy a great swim in the new 20 meters swimming pool inside the School. 

17.00PM: Sit on the boat to come back Hoi An town. End of the interesting trips.


Indicative menus:

1.             Ha Noi Beef Noodle Soup

2.             Clay Pot Fish with Fresh Dill

3.             Lemongrass Shrimp grilled in Banana Leaves

4.             Grilled Chicken & Banana Flower Salad

5.             Vietnamese Eggplant in Clay Pot

6.             Vietnamese Herbs & Spices.




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