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Bac Ha Sunday market in Bac Ha Town (trading only on every Sunday) located 120 km from Sapa and 80 km from Lao Cai Station is considered one of the most exciting, interesting and colorful markets in Northwest Vietnam, which is not only a trading center and meeting place of all residents in the surrounding areas but also an attracting destination for visitors from all over the world traveling to Sapa, Vietnam.


 Bac Ha Town seems to be quiet for the whole week, but on Sundays, the sleepy town becomes alive with locals converging to the market.  Every Sunday morning, it takes hours for local residents to trek or walk there to trade and exchange food, animals, clothing and household appliances. Right in the early morning, all paths and mountain roads are full of people and horses trekking to the market.


At the market, visitors can see different colorful ethnic groups such as Black Hmong, Flower Hmong, Phu La, Red Dzao, Tay and Nung people going there to buy and sell their local products that can only be there. The market is very crowded, local products for sale or exchange is carried on horseback. In the market, many kinds of animals are on sale such as chickens, ducks, pigs, birds, even dog, etc. It is a good time for tourists to take nice photos. At the Market, tourists can buy all kind of consumer goods, local products, farming tools and animals. Especially, in the market, tourists can see almost a red color because the traditional costume color of Hmong people is red.


 Most of women are at clothing areas and men sit around cattle areas. After selling and buying goods, local people often have lunch and drink corn wine with their friends in food stalls. A famous traditional food in Bac Ha is Thang Co food which is cooked with different parts of horse even horse bowel and often drunk with corn wine - a special drink in the region.


 Bac Ha Market in Vietnam is opened in early the morning and close around at 3 pm in the afternoon on Sunday. Sitting in a coffee or a restaurant near the market and watching endless lines of colorful hill tribal locals trekking to Bac Ha market is absolutely interesting for any traveler visiting Bac Ha, Lao Cai.


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