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The climate in Nha Trang all the round year is suitable for tourists to visit Nha Trang thank to its warm and comfortable weather.


Meanwhile almost provinces in Southern Vietnam are turned into water for last half of the year by monsoon winds, Nha Trang in Khanh Hoa Province only experiences four “wet months” from September to mid-December, also a good time to visit Nha Trang.




 In the first eight months of the year, this coastal city enjoys a warm and beautiful weather and so any day between January and August is good time to start your holiday in Nha Trang. February, March and April can be the best months to visit Nha Trang when tourists can enjoy water sports and beach activities. The temperature during these months is kept around 26-27 degree Celsius, and precipitation stay at the lowest level of the year. Spring months are also the best time to dive here. Some coral-rich dive sites that diving enthusiasts should not miss out on are Small Hill, South Reef, and Moray Beach After, all around Mun Island.


The summer from May with hot weather is ideal for natural tourism such as eco – tourism, ocean tourism while the rest of the year, tourist can visit cultural and historical sites as Bao Dai Villas, Vinperland or Nha Trang aquarium.


The hottest months of a year are July and August. Tourist scheduled to travel to Nha Trang in July or August, remember to give Hòn Bà (30 km from the city center) the first destination in your tourist attraction list. The mountain with cool climate is absolutely great to spend time there.


Visitors traveling to Nha Trang from September till December should keep your eyes on the local weather forecast. It is rare to see tropical storm hitting Nha Trang and Mui Ne.

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