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On the way to Hon Tam, visitors can visit the Tri Nguyen aquarium. Located between the sea area of blue waters and full of sunlight and wind round the year, Hon Tam covers an area of 110 ha which is 7km southeast of Nha Trang City. Tourist can reach there by a 7-minute canoe or, a 25-minute boat.


Hon Tam Island in Nha Trang in Vietnam offer the best beach with white fine sandy beach, crystal clear, blue water which makes Hon Tam Island in Nha Trang in Vietnam the best for swimming and relaxing tours and holidays in Nha Trang city in Vietnam.



In the island, there are playgrounds of football, volleyball on beach. In addition to sightseeing, bathing, recuperation, visitors can also participate in various types of entertainment such as mountain climbing, forest exploration, sailing, swimming, fishing, water hunting. Moreover, tourists can also join some strong-feeling sports such as Paratroop flying, windsurf, and water motorcycles ... or explore the ocean world by diving tours.


Nested about 10 minutes hiking southwest of Hon Tam is the pristine beach of Thien Nga (Swan Beach) with a shiny sand carpet. A system of mountain tracks, cycling racing as well as birds cultivating areas and hunting area for tourist is under construction there.


Hon Tam resort has been under the management of the Nha Trang Trade and Tourism Shipping Supply Company for more than 10 years.  Invested in both human and property efforts, the pristine island became the “golden” one where is the center attracting the ever increasing number of tourists traveling to Nha Trang each year. In 2004, the number of tourist visiting the island reached nearly 295,000 passengers; of about 35% were foreingers. In the occasion of festivals, lunar New Year, and weekends, the number of visitors coming here can up to 2.500-3.000 passenger s per day.

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