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Recently, a lot of travelers prefer to go scuba diving in Monkey Island (Hon Lao). Traveling to Monkey Island, after playing comfortably with monkeys and watching animal circus, tourists can dive by scuba to discover the ocean life with a lot of amazing and exciting feelings.







Monkey Island is an island located in Nha Phu lagoon managed by the Tourism Corporation of Long Phu. The name on the map is Hon Lao, however, due to the island has 1,200 monkeys, so people call the island the Monkey Island. Monkeys on the island have been domesticated, including two species of  Macaca Rherus and Fassicularit which very friendly to visitors, sometimes they brings laughter to tourists through some games. Monkey Island has various natural rocks, a blue sea and many beautiful coral reefs, where is home to many fish species. Tourism Corporation of Long Phu have brought this area into the areas of diving for over 5 years with the aim to introduce visitors the hidden beauty of the island but no risk to coral colonies and resident fish species.


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