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Located at the foot of the Ham Ninh Mountain on the east of the fantastic Phu Quoc Island, Ham Ninh fishing Village is quite famous for its location with mountains and forests at the back and the immense sea in front.


The features of locals’ houses here are still primitive with cottage roofs and bamboo wattles. The locals mostly live on pear diving, catching holothurians and netting crabs.




Formerly, some people came here to do fishing and then formed this village. Ham Ninh can be seen a safe place for boats to anchorage. Many boats from main land travel here to trade sea products. Several hundreds of meters far from the wharf, the sea level is still quite low. At low tide, the sand beach stretches out infinitely, whereas, at high tide, the water overflows the beach to the edge of the forest. Far from, on the southeast of the Beach is the Nghe Islet and on the south is the cape of Ong Doi (Mr Doi)-the last cape of the Island. Only traveling to Ham Ninh in the morning or at moonlight nights, tourists can thoroughly enjoy the beauty of the sea. Especially, experiencing the sunset over the sea is very great. Another interesting tourist should not miss while traveling there is to taste the food of the boiled crab, which is considered a specialty and can be found at any time in the region.

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