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Situated in Van Ninh District, 80km north of Nha Trang, and 30 km from Tuy Hoa Town, Dai Lanh Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the region with the wonderful natural beauty of white sand dunes stretching along green casuarina ranges.


Starting the journey from the town of Tuy Hoa, through the Ca Pass – a 12 km long winding pass which is a the boundaries of the two provinces of Khanh Hoa and Phu Yen, tourists will reach the pretty large and long beach with blue sea water, sparkling sunlight, and crowded boats.


 Dai Lanh Beach with clear and blue water as well as soft and white sand, is a safe place for tourist to have a swimming. Nearby the beach is a never-dry source of fresh water flowing into the sea.


From Dai Lanh, visitors can take a boat to visit some spots such as the fishing village of Khai Luong, the Mon Lagoon - a strip of land at the easternmost of Vietnam. And the Ro Puddle at the north - a famous spot of a secret port for many no-number ships carrying weapons from the North to the South Vietnam reinforcing to the battlefield 5 in the America War.


Dai Lanh was recognized a famous sightseeing of the country long time ago. In 1836, the image of Dai Lanh was carved in one of the nine bronze-tops (Nine Peaks) placed in front of the yard of The Mieu in Hue citadel under the King Minh Mang dynasty. In 1853, under the reign of King Tu Duc, the name Dai Lanh was added into the national dictionary compiled by the court.

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