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Visiting Hue will not be complete if visitors do not make a boat excursion on the gentle Perfume River to feel the romance of Hue city. The Perfume River is a river about 80 kilometers in length crossing the capital city of Hue. Because of its flow through many forests of aromatic plants before reaching Hue, bringing with it a pure and fresh aroma, it is called “The Perfume River”

The Perfume River has two sources coming from the Truong Son mountain range. The Ta Trach originates from Truong Dong mountain toward northwest through 55 dangerous waterfalls, and then slowly to Bang Lang fork. The shorter Huu Trach runs through 14 impressive waterfalls and Tuan ferry landing to Bang Lang fork where the two sources combine to form the poetic Perfume River.

Its source, winds, mountains, forest trees and plants with the fragrances of tropical flora create a picturesque landscape of this river. The river flows slowly through the fresh and shady villages of Kim Long, Nguyet Bieu, Vy Da, Dong Ba, Gia Hoi, Dinh market, Nam Pho, Bao Vinh. Along the flows, the water mixs with the odours of beautiful flowers of Hue as well as the shimmer of blue limpid color, making the river look like a pearl in the sun. When the night comes, the surface of the river glistens under the moonlight, and the songs of the boat rowers break the silence. It is an endless pleasure for tourists who sit on the boat to admire the poetic scenery and enjoy with the folk melodies (or Royal court music) of Hue in wonderful nights.

The reflections of citadels, gardens, pagodas, towers and temples viewing from two sides in the water make this gentle river even more poetic and musical. Most people often say that Hue city has peaceful and tranquil landscapes mostly thanks to the Perfume River which brings to the Hue city a meditative poetic characteristics and the harmonious limpidity exhaling from a land of age-old culture.

Ngu Binh Mount is a priceless gift of the nature for Hue city. The River and the Mount mingle with each other to create a charming look of Hue city. Ngu Binh mount is 103 meters in height and owns a special and famous origin. When the Nguyen dynasty was established and decided to build up the Hue Capital. Seeing that Bang Son mountain looks like a front screen, Gia Long Emperor ordered to choose this mount as a front altar of the imposing and solid defending wall system. He then renamed it Ngu Binh.

For a long time, this beautiful mountain and the blue Perfume River have become the symbol of Hue city. Thus, the local people often call Hue "The land of the Perfume River and Ngu Binh Mount" or "Huong-Ngu Land".

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