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Hue cuisine is known as the best one in the country with two cuisine styles - Hue traditional cuisine and the “Royal” cuisine. Hue people appreciate three criteria: cheap, delicious and good-looking.

Firstly, Hue cuisine features much attention to aestheticism and harmony among the ingredients, way of decoration and colors of the food so as to make a gastronomic work of art. Each dish not only creates a feast for eyes but also good for health.

Moreover, most dishes are mixed with a kind of sauce which is specified for each dish. For example, clam rice (Cơm hến) is a mixture of cold rice and boiled clam and other ingredients which is very simple but delicious and tasty.

Hue’s daily meal includes rice and three other common dishes: fish boiled with fish sauce and fines herbs, a bowl of soup containing small prawns and tamarind and boiled spinach with prawn sauce. While the formal meals for special occasions are more complicated, they usually include five or more dishes.

In addition, Hue is a major Buddhism center, thus it is also famous for vegetarian food. Chefs can make all dishes with vegetarian food and they just look like normal meats. 

To make a delicious and famous dish, Hue people also pay much attention to the preparation steps, cooking and decoration style. Beside the good ingredients, it also depends on the chefs who make the dish, the way they prepare, the way they cook, and the way they decorate the dish as well.

If you visit Hue city, enjoy the special dishes and you will never forget peaceful Hue city as well as these famous dishes here. Enroll yourself in a cooking tour will also be a fun for the day.

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