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How to Book with Red Crane Travel

STEP 1: Browse the website

Start your dream trip to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia by browsing all tours, destinations and offers we post on our website Make a note of what you would like to have, including types of tours, hotels, resort information, boat cruises, etc. In case what we offer does not meet your needs, tell us what we can do to tailor make the trip to your specific requirements. Our clients often have adjustments to the pre-made tours before booking.


STEP 2:  Send your request

Click the ENQUIRE NOW button next to any tours offered on our website. You will fill-in a form to enquire more about this tour, including basic information such as your name, contact details, number of people, etc. Once you click the SEND button, we will respond within a couple of hours.


In case you want to customise a tour, you can “Build Your Own Trip”. This is the form where you tell us how you want to take a tour, including hotels, types of tours, destinations, activities and budget, together with space for you to let us know of any other interests or requirements you may have. The more details you give us, the better Red Crane Travel can draft the perfect trip for you. Alternatively, you can simply contact us for a brief inquiry.  Red Crane Travel will discuss your requirements in detail and offer our insightful travel advice for you to plan your dream holiday.


STEP 3: Review and confirm the booking

We will respond to any request within 24 working hours (normally less) with an initial quote. In case you have further inquiries or want to make changes, we will be happy to share our travel advice and ideas. This review process may take a few exchanges of emails with us until you are completely satisfied with the proposed tour.


Once you are satisfied with our proposed tour, we will then ask for your permission to reserve all ground services and prepare for your tour. At this stage, we will send you an initial confirmation of service, and a request that you pay Red Crane Travel a deposit for the tour.


STEP 4: Deposit and payment

Once you have booked a tour with Red Crane Travel, a deposit is required. For tour bookings, a deposit of $100 per person, or 20% of the total cost (whichever is greater) should be paid to us within 3 working days. For services such as hotels, cars, tickets and cruise trips, full payment is requested at the time of confirmation.


If your tour is less than 45 days from time of booking, payment is required in full. The full or final payment is required 45 days before your departure to Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia.


See Terms and Conditions and How to Pay for further information.

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