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Considered to be a possession of the Japanese community of Hoi An, the Japanese Covered Bridge in Hoi An is one of the well-known tourist attractions in this ancient town. The original Vietnamese name of this bridge is “Lai Vien Kieu” which can be interpreted as “Pagoda in Japan”.

This bridge was constructed on a small stream in the early seventeenth century but the builder of the bridge is still a secret to the Hoi An people. It is a beautiful symbol of Japanese architecture. More than 400 years have passed and the bridge has always been a good place for passengers to escape from the rain and heat.

On the northern side of the bridge is a Japanese pagoda to preserve sailors. There are the sculpture of two dogs located at the western end of the bridge and two monkeys at the eastern end which symbol for sacredness in Japanese culture. According to the Asian zodiac signs, there are many of the Japanese emperors to be born in the year of monkey and the year of dog. Other legend is said that the construction of the bridge was begun in the dog year and was ended in the monkey year.

Moreover, it has a temple of the northern god Tran Vo Bac De inside the Japanese Covered Bridge who is known to be the god of the weather. It is believed that he controls all kinds of weather changes and natural calamities, thus the sailors adore this God and also fear him. All create an awesome attraction to tourists when visiting Hoi An.

The Bridge is within walking distance from the night market, food court, and the city centre. 

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