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The War Remnants Museum can be seen one of the most impressive and famous monuments in Ho Chi Minh City. The Museum is attractive for both domestic and foreign tourists coming to Ho Chi Minh. The War Remnants Museum includes a comprehensive collection of the machinery, weapons, photos, and documentation of Vietnam War with both the French and Americans.


The Museum is nearby the famous Reunification Palace, with its halls filled with gruesome photographs and a real guillotine, and depicts some of the worst brutality that happened during the Vietnam War.



Originally its name was Saigon’s Exhibition House of American War Crimes, which portrays the horrors and details of the Vietnam War. In 1993 the name was changed to a new friendlier name “War Remnants Museum”. The name was changed after the rekindling of relations with the United States.


Visiting the Museum, visitors will have more knowledge of what happened to Vietnamese people during the war and the effect of the war on Vietnamese today. It is estimated that over the last 20 years, more than 6 million of tourists visit the Museum; nearly 1 million among them were foreigners including American tourists.


In the Museum, visitors can see numerous documents illustrating the killing of civilians, spreading of chemicals, torturing of prisoners, and the effects of the war on the North Vietnam. Planes, tanks, bombs, and helicopters left after the war are also on display. Outside the Museum, there are rooms displaying some Vietnamese cultural products.


On the right of the entrance in the Museum, there is a room listing war facts such as troop numbers, bomb tonnage, and statistics of international involvement in the conflict, and numerous casualties on both sides. The next is a room dedicated to the journalists lost during the war. The exhibits are constantly evolving, and the Museum is currently expanding and modernizing, improving its presentation and explanations throughout, enabling the visitors to understand more clearly about the wars in Vietnam.


One room is devoted to biological warfare, another to weaponry, and another to worldwide demonstrations for peace. The explanations including English translation versions are very thorough and easy to understand. In the Museum, there is also a large collection of bombs, planes, tanks, and war machinery in the main courtyard. Kids will surely love it, but tourists should think twice before taking your kids inside to see something like wall-size photos of the My Lai massacre and the bottled deformed fetus supposedly damaged by Agent Orange. Tourists also should think whether it is good for them or not when you take them to see those photos.

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