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Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is located on Nguyen Van Huyen Street, Cau Giay District, approximately 7 kms from the Hanoi Old Quarter. The Museum displays more than 10,000 objects, 15,000 black and white photos and hundreds of video tapes and cassettes which depict all aspects of life, customs, activities, and habits of the 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam. The mandate of the Museum is to protect cultural heritage and promote socio-cultural diversity within the country.

Since opened at the end of 1997, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology has attracted the attention of thousands of visitors as well as ethnographers and researchers from all over the world. It has successfully recreated the daily life together with the religious rituals and the symbolic festivals of each ethnic group in Vietnam.

Travelers will have the chance to discover unique features, costumes, embroidery, etc as well as outside stilt houses and habitats from the different ethnic groups right here in Hanoi. All displayed objects mix and supplement one another to make a colorful and diversified picture of Vietnamese culture.

An open-air exhibition is built on a spacious and peaceful ground which features ethnic houses from all places in Vietnam. It is large enough for the most popular architectural styles to be presented such as the E De long house, the Tay stilt house, the Dao house half on stilts and half on earth, the H’ Mong house with the roof made of pomu wood, the Viet house with tile roof, the Gia Rai tomb, the Cham traditional house, the Ha Nhi house made with earth-beaten walls, the Ba Na communal house. Between these houses is a small stream and little bridges well designed to make the open space vivid and lively.

As all documents and display signs inside the Museum have been translated into French and English, Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is also suitable for solo travelers or self explore groups. Its large open space, playgrounds, a mini water puppet theatre, a great restaurant and the general landscapes offer a great cultural day trip for families with small kids. 


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