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Situated to the northeast of Bo Hon Island, 14km from the south of Bai Chay Beach, Luon Cave has beautiful vertical cliffs. This cave is an enclosed group of islands which connect with the sea via a 4-meter-wide, 100-meter-long, and 3-meter-high mouth. In front of the Cave is Con Rua Islets, and the Sky Gate is on the right.

Going through the pretty entrance, tourists will encounter a tranquil round lake with 1km2 in width and is surrounded by a variety of different trees and high dangerous stone walls. Ancient trees shade the landscape and many orchids hang their sweet-scented flowers. Under blue water is peaceful life of the vibrant marine life such as shrimp, fish, cuttlefish, crab, etc.

The most interesting and unique attraction of this cave is that many traces of fossils of fresh-water snails on the cliff, which prove that men used to live this place.

The cave is one of the rare caves in Halong Bay. Tourists can discover the cave and the peaceful lake by small boats or rubber boats which should be equipped with safety floats. The beauty of the cave is the mixture of many factors: the mountain's size and form, the color of the water and the clouds.

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