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Discover the beauty of Halong Bay by boarding a junk boat and cruising among stunning rocky islands is the best ways to enjoy a Vietnam vacation with your family. However cruises this year can be a bit expensive, or even are getting more and more luxurious due to Vietnam’s high inflation. Thus, you need to know some ways to save money on your Halong cruise which will make your holiday more interesting and memorable,  because you will not have to spend worrying about all the money you have spent!

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It sounds very obvious to lots of travelers, but the first and most important way is that you should book your Vietnam tour or Halong bay cruise early enough. Most of the cruise operators on Halong Bay prefer filling all the spots in their ships early in a year. Therefore, if you book early you might get some attractive Halong tours offers. Or at least you are not worried about inflation.

Secondly, if you are planning to fly to Vietnam for the Halong cruises, it is advisable that you should handle your own flight arrangements. There are many cruise operators that have complete packages including round tickets. But these all inclusive packages are quite expensive. Instead, plan your own travel arrangements for Vietnam, and book only a Hanoi hotel, then a Halong bay tour. 

Remember that everything is usually a bit more expensive during peak holiday seasons than other times. Some cruise operators apply surcharge for peak days too. So if you want to save money on Halong cruises, visit Halong Bay during off peak seasons, or at least avoid year end days. You both save money and have a private and free time on Halong cruises. This is because there are few people and that means you will explore the beauty of Halong without all the crowding.

Moreover, always try to ask for discounts which are available for Halong cruises. You will not be informed about discounts most of the time if you don’t ask for them. Also, you can check for Halong cruises that offer online. If there are no discounts that are currently available, you can enquire if there will be any in the near future. And you can decide to postpone your Halong Bay cruises for a while if you can get a significant discount then. Competition is getting tough for Halong bay tours, and this is a good starting point for a great bargain with any cruise agents or operators.

Furthermore, when you visit Halong Bay, you should carry your own camera. The reason is that there are always photographers on board but they are very expensive. Thus, you can save lots of money by taking your own pictures for your album. However, you can meet professional photographers who are willing to take photos of your family when you are on Halong Bay cruises.

There are a range of cruises on Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay, so it is definitely wise to check out prices and packages from different agents or operators that suit your family needs. Luxury cruises can be quite expensive, as they offer high quality or even extra services onboard. There are also deluxe cruises that are affordable while you can still enjoy Halong bay as much as luxury cruises.

In addition, you should know that on Halong bay junks, cruises normally include meals in the whole package. Therefore, when you go for excursions on land, save your money by coming back to the boat for lunch. You can take one or two meals on land in order that you can enjoy some local dishes on Halong bay tours but you should limit this so that you do not spend so much money by eating the meals that you have already paid for.

Finally, you should not take your cellphone along with you on Halong cruises if you do not need it so much. The reason is that you will have to spend much money on satellite calls. And the result is that you will enjoy Halong cruises comfortable and no worry about keeping your phone all the time. Or try to get a Vietnamese simcard.



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