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Halong Bay is well-known for fresh and delicious seafood with tons of fish, shrimps and oysters every year. The special food served in most restaurants which usually come right out of fishing boats in the early hours of the morning. Its cuisine’s style has the characteristics of people here – fishers with many specialties such as : streamed “tu hai”, “gat gu” cake, Tien Yen chicken dish, etc.

Streamed “tu hai” (Vietnamese: tu hài) or snail spout is the specialty of Van Don Island district. It is a kind of rare and valuable shellfish. Steamed “tu hai” is sweet and cool. People choose the “tu hai” with the similar size and soak them in boiled about 3 minutes. After that, pick them out, and wash them. Dried onion and garlic, fresh onion leaves are cut into small pieces, then fry them in vegetable oil and mix them with “tu hai”. Add fish sauce, soup, glutamate. Finally, bake “tu hai” in the oven or on charcoal until dry. Enjoy it and tourists will never forget the special taste of it when visiting Halong.

Another special of Halong Bay is “gat gu” (Vietnamese: Gật gù) cake which is similar with steamed rolled rice pancake made from rice flour. To make this cake, people have a secret to make it more delicious by adding cold rice. After being done, we take this cake, it will nod repeatedly, and thus the name of this cake is “Gat Gu”. It is also a custom that when eating Gat Gu cake, each one will nod repeatedly three times before eating to greet their visitors, and visitors also do it again to show their thanks.

In addition to, coming to Halong Bay, tourists will have opportunity to enjoy is a Tien Yen chicken dish. Tien Yen chickens live in hills and earn food themselves, thus their meat is very sweet, brittle and firm. There are many ways to make this kind of chicken, but the best way is boiling. Only by this way, travelers will feel the best quality and taste of Tien Yen chicken. After boiling, chicken will become yellow as saffron. We will eat this chicken dish with “Gat gu’’ cake.

Visiting Halong Bay without enjoying streamed “tu hai”, “gat gu” cake, Tien Yen chicken dish is an extremely great pity. If you have chance, make a cuisine trip along Halong Bay and enjoy a huge variety of delicious dishes here.



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