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Con Coc (Toad) Islets

Con Coc or Toad Islets is one of the most beautiful works the nature has presented in Hạ Long Bay, contributing its lyrical and poetic beauty.

Located in the southeast of Hạ Long Bay, 12 kilometers away from the Bai Chay tourist wharf, the Toad Islet looks like a little toad sitting to wait for the rain amidst the vastness of the sea.

A Vietnamese legend has it that the Toad is called with a friendly name Uncle of Jade Emperor. Once upon a time in Vietnam, prolonged drought caused by no rain results in unnecessary death for animals and species. The Toad takes a journey to the Heaven to plead for a rain in order to save lives. The journey goes through lots of dangers and risks. Finally the toad is able to reach and talk to the Jade Emperor. Jade Emperor then adopted the Toad as his Uncle and willing to create rain on the earth whenever the Toad grinds its teeth.

Today, Toad Islet is still standing imposingly at Halong bay which become one of the famous tourist destinations, attracting thousands of travelers every year.



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