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In 2006, an eco-tourism company, Gecko Travel (UK), voted Bai Tu Long Bay in Vietnam one of 5 most excellent tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. It can take tourists 4 hours to get to Bai Tu Long Bay by boat starting at Bai Chay boat station.

Bai Tu Long Bay is a trough in the Gulf of Tonkin, North East of Vietnam. Bai Tu Long Bay covers a sea area of Ha Long City, Cam Pha Town and Van Don district. The South-West, the East, the West, and the North-east of the Bay has border with Ha Long Bay, East Sea, Cam Pha town and Co To islands respectively.

Bai Tu Long Bay includes hundreds of different islands, many of which are large and populated islands. Residents on the Island mostly located on Van Don District, Quan Lan Island, Bao Sen, Ngoc Vung and other coastal areas of Ben Do and Cua Ong. The main livelihood is fishing and aquaculture.

On the Bay, there are two new resorts of Bai Tu Long resort and Quan Lan Resort. Bai Tu Long Resort is situated at the side of Xa Kep Mountain. It is famous for its white sand beach stretching 2 km with amazingly clean and blue water and it is more and more attractive for its primitive beauty. Tourist can be surprised when seeing house on stilts placing along coastline and ambulatory bars for drink services. A large-sized swimming reservoir has just been finished far beyond a sand dyke.

On the other hand, Quan Lan Resort attracts tourists by a range of casuarinas stretching on seemingly endless expanses of sand dunes. A different thing between Quan Lan resort and Bai Tu Long resort is that in Quan Lan resort, tourists have chance to experience an overnight in a bungalow of 9 rooms situated under the range of casuarinas.

Bai Tu Long Island has a lot of tasty seafood specialty, especially Song fish and Gio fish. Tourists can taste 12 different dishes of Gio fish alone such as fried, steamed, grilled, raw fish with vegetable and mustard, etc. Furthermore, Sa Sung and Cu Ky are two species of fish that are only found in Bai Tu Long.

Traveling to Bai Tu Long Bay, tourists can visit Thien Thong Grotto on Phat Co Island, Mangrove Park in Ban Sen village, Soi Nhu cave, Uyen Uong beach or travel by motor-boat to Rong Doi bay. Tourists can also visit Cua Ong Temple, Van Don port which is the oldest port in Viet Nam, and Van Hoa-Van Yen port where tourists can walk through forest to visit ethnic minority villages of Tay , Red Dao, San Diu people.

Bai Tu Long is associated with the history of the Vietnamese people with the famous site which is the trade port of Van Don, a bustling wharf under the Ly dynasty. This is also the place to commemorate the Glorious feat of arms of Tran Khanh Du and three Pham cousins who were born in Quan Lan. They defeated the supplies boat of the rebel leader Truong Van Ho, the Mongolian invader (1288). There is also a famous temple of Tran Quoc Tang (also known as Suot Temple). The hero Tran Quoc Tang, the third son of the general Tran Quoc Tuan, has a great contribution in battling huge army of the Mongolian invaders. He was also a famous writer, poet and thinker as well. The people built the temple to worship for him and annually hold a ceremony on the full moon of lunar January.

In addition to the historical relics, Bai Tu Long Bay is home to high biodiversity concentration with typical ecosystems such as mangrove ecosystem, coral reef ecosystem, and tropical forest ecosystem. The island has a diverse and plentiful flora system including 780 species, 468 expenditures, 135 families of five vascular plants. Of which 21 rare plant species are recorded in Vietnam Red Book (1996) and 10 other species listed in Annex IA and IIA of the Decree 32/2006/CP-ND of the Government listing the rare and spacious fauna and flora species to be protected. The 391 species of marine lives mostly have high economic value and great scientific value including such rare and spacious species such as abalone, and holothurians.










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