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Halong Bay has an area of 1,553 square km including 1,969 islands of which 989 islands have been given names yet. Divided into two types of limestone islands and schist islands, islands in Ha Long Bay mainly focus on the two main zones of the south-east (belonging to Bai Tu Long Bay) and the south-west (belonging to Halong Bay). The average geological age of the islands is between 250 and 280 million years old. Most stone islands which have spectacular scenery and numerous beautiful caves are mainly located at the center of the world natural heritage Halong Bay, including Ha Long Bay and a part of Bai Tu Long Bay.

The world recognized heritage area covers an area of 434 square km, including 775 islands as a triangle with three peaks of  Dau Go island (in the west), Ba Dam Lake (in the south), and Cong Tay Island  (in the east) and surrounding areas with national heritage relics ranked by the Ministry of Culture and Information in 1962

Located in the tropical monsoon, Ha Long Bay has four distinct seasons. The average annual temperature is 22.8 degree C. the average summer temperature is 26.4 degree C and the average winter temperature is 20 degree C.

Rainy season in the region is from May to October. From March to August, the weather is affected by the south-east monsoon, which has both characteristic of the northeast monsoon climate and characteristics of tropical climate influenced by monsoon. Winter usually lasts 4-5 months, and summer is shorter. Between the two seasons are months of transition bringing flavor of spring and autumn. Rainfall is relatively high from August to October in rainy season.

Natural beauty

The beauty of Ha Long Bay is reflected firstly through the grandiose nature. In the past, the bay was called “the wonder land between the skies" by the Cultural Celebrity Nguyen Trai. The bay brings tourists a feeling of being lost in a legendary world of stone islands of which shapes will change depending on the angle and the light. islands in in Ha Long Bay were named based on its shapes and forms such as Hon Dau Nguoi (Human Head Islet), Hon Rong (Dragon Islet), Hon Canh Buom (Sail Islet), Hon Trong Mai (Cock and Hen Islet), etc. In addition to the beauty of mountains and islands, Ha Long Bay is more beautiful for a system of grottoes and caves including Thien Cung Cave (Heavenly Palace Cave), Dau Go (Wooden Stake Cave), Sung Sot Cave (Surprise Cave), Tam Cung Cave (Three Palace Cave), and Trinh Nu Cave (Virgin Cave). All of the caves are imposing and subtle architectural creations of the nature.


According a scientific research, Ha Long Bay possesses diversified marine ecosystems including a coral reef ecosystem with 232 coral species which mainly concentrates in the areas of Cong Do Island and Bo Hung Island. The Bay is also home to 81 species of gastropods, 130 species of bivalvia, 55 species of polycheta and 57 species of crab. The ecosystem of mangrove forests which mostly focuses in Tuan Chau, Cua Luc and Ba Che Islands has the most abundant collection of species such as migrating birds, polycheta, seaweed, and reptile, Ha Long Bay also has a tropical rain forest ecosystem with various rare and precious fauna such as deer, weasels, squirrels, white-tabby and red-haired monkeys. Moreover, Ha Long consists of a system of small caves along the sea, which is home to many animals and plants including seaweed, water plant, algae, fish and shrimp. Deeper into the water, there are also many species of shrimp, fish, abalone, etc.

Historical and cultural value

Ha Long is closely connected to Vietnam’s history with such well-known geographical names such as Van Don (an ancient trade port), Poem Mountain (famous for numerous engravings of poems by some emperors and famous people in the past), and Bach Dang River (where the two fierce naval battles against foreign aggressors were taken place). Furthermore, Ha Long is also considered one of the first cradles of human being in the area, with such archaeological sites such as Dong Mang, Xich Tho, Soi Nhu and Thoi Gieng, etc.

On 17th December 1994 was the first time Ha Long Bay was recognized a world natural heritage for its natural beauty at the 18th meeting of the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO in Thailand. On 12th December 2000 was the second time Ha Long Bay was voted a world natural heritage for its geological value at the 24th meeting of the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO in Cairns, Australia.

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