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If once tourists have an opportunity to visit Vietnam and travel from the north to the south, we will go through mysterious Hai Van Pass. Located along the slope of Hai Van Mountain, between Thua Thien - Hue province and Danang City, Hai Van Pass is one of the highest passes in the country and one of the most scenic hillside roads in Vietnam.

The name “Hai Van” means wind and cloud or sea cloud because coming here, we will feel clearly that wind in Hai Van Pass moves like a herd of horses galloping hundreds of miles and clouds seem to pour down from the heaven.

Hai Van Pass is the last point of the Truong Son Range which reaches to the sea. According to the description of a 17th Century Vietnamese scholar, Hai Van seems to stand with its feet in the sea and its peak covered with clouds. In the end of 19th century, the road over Hai Van Pass was opened with over 21 km in length and 435 meters above sea level. Today, although the Hai Van highway tunnel has gradually replaced the Hai Van Pass to become the main north-south transportation junction, tourists can still visit Hai Van Pass and enjoy the breathtaking landscape here.

From Danang, tourists can travel to Hai Van Pass through the No. 1A highway which is winding and sinuous just like a long piece of silk crossing the mountain slope. Sometimes, this area is so cloudy that visitors may feel like they are step in a strange fairy world in which the scenery is so fanciful and mysterious. From the Hai Van Pass, we will have a panoramic view of the major Vietnam tourist attractions such as the Danang city, Tien Sa port, Son Tra peninsula and long white sandy beaches spreading along the clear and blue ocean surface. This is an ideal place for relaxing because tourists will feel relieved and comfortable when standing among the sparkling and picturesque surrounding landscape.

Thanks to the favor of the nature and the action of human being, Hai Van Pass will surely continue to be “the most marvelous wonder” as King Tran Nhan Tong had named it when passed by this pass. No wonder Hai Van Pass is one of the most visited of the various Vietnam famous destinations.


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