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Recently, many foreign tourists visiting Danang have continued to be disturbed by vendors, beggars, and shoe polishers especially in Hai Van Pass, Linh Ung Pagoda, and around restaurants and shops. Eighty percent of them come from nearby provinces or suburbs of the city, making the situation difficult to manage and handle.

To stop beggars, Danang relevant agencies including Culture-Sports-Tourism, Commerce and Industry, Labour-Invalids-Social Affairs, and Public Security have jointly issued a plan on supervising and punishing disguised beggars and touts. Measures are being carried out at tourist destinations, inner city roads, the spots for sea tourists, and beaches, especially during holidays and big events.

According to the plan, the Department of Commerce and Industry asks restaurants to ban vendors and disguised beggars to enter their business places. The Labour Invalids and Social Affairs Department instructs on occupation change, loaning and job creation for vendors. The Public Security Department is responsible for the registration and management of temporary migrants to prevent them from working as beggars and shoe polishers in the city area.

Initial results have been achieved. Tourists can enjoy a comfortable and peaceful environment without being disturbed by vendors, beggars, and shoe polishers.

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