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Vietnam Family Adventure Tour

The Vietnamese government has announced a two-year pilot plan to launch an electronic visa system for foreign tourists visiting the country.

Vietnam Family Adventure Tour

Planning for family holidays to Vietnam, traveling with small children to Vietnam in Package offer: Take these tips and advice into consideration for safety

Vietnam First-Time Family Travelers

Before you visit Vietnam, contact Red Crane Travel for the latest information and advice, written for travelers by our specialists. This posts provide you with basic introduction when it comes to making a safe and sound family tour in Vietnam.

Liberation Day Celebration

The long expected public holiday this year is coming soon and much anticipation of a long holiday in Vietnam is finally satisfied. The Government has announced a holiday from the 30th April till the end of the 4th May 2014.

Pedestrian streets Hoi An

The provincial People Committee of Quang Nam has recently approved the plan that expands walking zone in the ancient town of Hoi An. The plan will be enforced beginning of April 1.


As of 29-6-2012, in the country there are 7 enterprises recognized by tax agencies to be eligible for participating in the VAT refund sales to foreigners. They have a total of 68 stores. In particular, Hanoi has only one accredited business, with 4 shops selling duty-free goods. The remaining six firms are in Ho Chi Minh City.

Red Crane Travel - Vietnam's landscape

Vietnam is one of the fascinating countries that offer tourists a rich culture and lovely tourist spots. Located in the Southeast Asian region, Vietnam is well-known for many great places to visit and cool activities to enjoy, with its verdant rice fields and gracious people, its beautiful coastline, traditional villages, arts and crafts and many more.

Red Crane Travel - Vietnam

Known with many famous tourist sites with natural beauties, tranquil villages, ancient pagodas, beautiful lakes, Vietnam has been a popular tourist destination in the world. Not convinced as yet? Here are the top reasons why Vietnam should be your next destination.

Red Crane Travel - Vietnam New Year2

All homes are often cleaned and decorated before New Year's Eve. Children will be in charge of sweeping and scrubbing the floor. The kitchen has to be cleaned before the 23rd night of the last lunar month. Usually, the head of the household cleans the dust and ashes (from incense) from the ancestral altars. In general, it is a common belief that cleaning the house will get rid of the bad fortunes associated with the old year.


There is admirably a great balance between vegetable and meats, as well as a selective use of spices to reach a fine taste. Vietnamese food can be considered one of the healthiest cuisines worldwide

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