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Since our establishment, Red Crane Travel and Consulting has expanded its network of local suppliers in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. We are now enjoying corporate price policies of key cruise operators and hotels in key destinations. A fleet of modern cars and vans is available 24/7, ensuring your holidays and business travels are well-facilitated.


Our group of knowledgeable local tour guides meets professional requirements in the hospitality and service industry and speaks fluent English and French, to promote effortless communication and learning while on holidays with us. Above all, we are a team of enthusiastic and like-minded individuals, committed to sustainable global tourism.


travelMatthew Duong – Director and Owner of Red Crane Travel

Warmest welcome to our site! My name is Duong Van Hung (just call me Matthew Duong), director and owner of the Red Crane Travel and Consulting. I obtained my Master’s Degree from the University of Queensland, Australia. During my two year stay there, I was very interested in Travel Oz spirit: I traveled to far flung places including Cairns, Uluru and popular places in Queensland, Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney.One of my most impressive tours is the Great Ocean Road tour! I am now turning what I know about Australian hospitality and adventure spirit into my business, and I look forward to bringing our world to yours!


Ms. Helen Nguyen –Sales and Marketing Manager

Hello! My name is Helen Nguyen. After a few years working as a sales executive, I was promoted to this great position. My job now is to work with other team members and your family to design a great tour in  Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. It is great to get your ideas and travel preferences, and our team members will tailor make your best holiday that includes different elements of adventure, family relaxation, experience of cuisine, culture and tradition, and above all a good memorable journey throughout the destinations.



Ms. Lan Pham, Operation Manager

My name is Lan, and my job is to coordinate all services and bookings, to make sure things happen the way we have planned for. I have been in this job for 3 years, and I just love the art of organisation and arrangements. It is great for me to work closely with sales team and tour guide team, and above all your family.






Mr. Tam Tran, IT Manager

Hello, My name is Tam and I am in charge of this website and related SEO campaigns made in Vietnam and in Australia. Part of my job is also to make sure that all the communications between clients and staff go through smoothly, and your requests and infor are instantly received, replied by our systems. I hope you will find it easy to navigate around the website, use all of its functions and find the tour you like. Happy travels!




Mr. Le Dao: Research and Development

Hi, I am Le and I just love researching new destinations and develop into a great itinerary for my clients. Sometimes I provide very rough ideas and plans to the Sales and Marketing team to make it available. Sometimes, I use the information to develop a complete itinerary from the beginning to the end. For the past 3 years, I have put together different elements of unique cultures and traditions, cuisines and green drinks, adventure and relaxation, etc into tours and package offers, and I am happy that clients have sent positive feedback on such tours.



Ms. Han Tran: Customer Care

Hi, I am Han, 26 years old! My job is to make sure that your journey is smooth and enjoyable and full of smiles along the way. You will receive a couple of phone calls from me during your tour to make sure that things are going well and your family is enjoying the tour. It is an honor for me to serve you, talk to you and get your ideas, and I use such information to make sure you are satisfied with every single matter all along the Vietnam journey you have paid for. Have a great time in Vietnam!




consultingMr. Huan Trinh, National Tour Guide Team Leader

Hi, My name is Huan and I am in charge of a dynamic and knowledgeable tour guides nationwide, from Hanoi to Sapa, Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Saigon and the Mekong. We often meet online and discuss ideas, responsibilities and monthly plan. It is such a privilege to have your family onboard and our team will make sure you get all the useful information for each destination! Enjoy your tour!



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